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CQ Beauty Bar – Class is in session with Kimberly Richard

For some buying and applying makeup can be fun and a creative activity, but for some it can be confusing and challenging. Local makeup artist and licensed Aesthetician, Kimberly Richard, admits this process can be very overwhelming, which is why she offers instructional sessions – her Be Beautiful Workshops – for people seeking guidance navigating their local store’s beauty aisles and their own makeup use.

So, when our friend Amy recently realized that she has been using the same makeup for over a decade and felt a little stuck in her routine, she enlisted Kimberly to help her switch things up, and we decided to tag along. Kimberly’s personalized beauty class was her way of getting unstuck and reinvigorating her confidence.

“We are all so hard on ourselves,” Kim explained, “I started doing this because I kept hearing people talking about what they don’t like about themselves and I wanted to show them how to highlight the parts of themselves that they should like.”

Walking into Kimberly Richard’s studio we immediately knew what kind of experience we were going to have. Both the space and Kimberly herself were bright and welcoming, and put us at ease. We even found inspiration around every corner with quotes like “nothing is impossible to the willing mind” (book of Han Dynasty), “she believed she could, so she did,” and “be your own kind of beautiful” on display.

Kimberly’s go-to products for creating a naturally beautiful makeup look

Kimberly shared her philosophy right away: makeup can be used to bring out your natural beauty, but even the best products in the wrong place can age you and dull your shine. Her goal is always to make the makeup work for the individual in a way that is practical and fits into their daily lives and to incorporate techniques to help take the look up a notch for special events and occasions.

The goals for the session are always to break down the makeup application process to help you understand your own face shape and bone structure, and how to enhance your favorite features. Kimberly also shares her tips on what products to use, how to make them last, and how much to put on. She also emphasizes that a good skin care regimen is paramount to effective makeup application.

The two-hour class was full of tips, tricks, revelations and takeaways. A few notable and easy ones: drink plenty of water and moisturize your skin in order to have a good blank canvas from where to start; and before applying makeup, make sure your hands, makeup brushes and makeup containers are clean.

Amy taking notes during her Be Beautiful class

Kimberly’s goals for Amy were make her beautiful eyes pop, and to create a natural looking makeup practice for her daily life here on Cape Cod.

In order to do this Kimberly instructed Amy on how to choose the right foundation, which preps the face for contouring, highlighting and adding color. She explained to Amy that contouring is used to soften edges and angles, highlighter to bring softer parts forward, and blush to make parts of the face like your cheekbones pop. She advises the use of light soft strokes in order to build and blend the colors to keep the look more organic.

She also showed Amy how to tame the dark circles around her eyes

Determining the right color corrector with the use of the color wheel

by using a color corrector (identified by her makeup pro color wheel) to neutralize the discoloration and a concealer that matches the rest of her skin tone as the final touch (even after you’ve put all your other eye makeup on).

The afternoon was filled with setting realistic goals, sharing insecurities, a lot of laughs, and the best tip on how to apply mascara. At the end of it all Amy’s beauty was enhanced by Kimberly’s techniques that Amy is excited to employ in her every day life.


Kimberly Richard started her career as a model and artist, and has always been passionate about beauty of all sorts. She is a makeup artist who has beautified hundreds of brides and models, as well as a licensed Aesthetician specializing in facials, body treatments and lash extensions. She operates her own studio and spa in Sandwich