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Dressing Local #3

It is my firm belief that when you find a little black dress that you like and fits you well, you must find a way to get it into your closet.

There is a reason the LBD is one of the most iconic and talked about fashion pieces in the world. They are the easy go-to for so many occasions (weddings, funerals, work, play), they are what I like to call blank canvases because they can be accessorized with any color, and in general, black is a color that looks good on everyone.

My favorite little black dresses are ones that have a little bit of interest, a detail whether it be off the shoulder, some lace

Dressing Local #3 Outfit: the Little Black Dress

incorporated into the look or fun cut out details.

That’s why I had to find a way to get this cocktail dress from Sposabella Bridals (don’t let the name fool you, they have tons of gowns and cocktail dresses in stock!) into my closet! Not only is it a sophisticated pencil dress, but the top half has an interesting additional layer of fabric, the neckline is a bit unique and the spaghetti strap detail in the back – all making it special while also remaining versatile.

For this event I wanted to remain understated but still add a little bit of flair. So, instead of wearing black strappy shoes, I found a pair of silver metallic heels from Changing Tides Consignment and chose a black clutch that also had a bit of gunmetal detail.  I finished the look off with a couple of vintage pins in my hair and a pair of costume diamond studs from East Wind Silver Co. and was good to mix and mingle!

I am excited to keep exploring the possibilities with this dress – perhaps try an all-black look with a colorful statement necklace or throw on a pair of red pumps and grab a large red clutch to match. The best part is that the color and style lend themselves to a seemingly infinite amount of style possibilities.

Dressing Local #3 outfit elements

Dressing Local #1

You might remember when I first started The Current Quarterly I used to share photos of what I was wearing – all of which was purchased at locally owned stores – in an attempt to show people that Cape Cod has a lot of great locally owned boutiques that offer on trend as well as classic styles.

Dressing Local Outfit #1

After many requests, I decided to bring this fun practice back in a bi-
monthly blog post with a little commentary on the pieces I picked and put together.

The center of this outfit is quite obviously the pants, which I found at One 21, a newly opened boutique in Mashpee Commons that stocks apparel and leather goods made in Italy. There are many eye-catching pieces in the boutique, but I have always been attracted to a great pair of trousers, and these with the paper bag waist and maroon and black houndstooth print made me fall in love with them the moment I saw them. In addition to offering something new and fresh, I felt like they were versatile – I could wear them to work, for a night out with the girls or to Thanksgiving dinner (I have done all three).

But an outfit is not an outfit without the complementary pieces and accessories to support the eye-catching piece.

I am loving the baggy-sweater-tucked-in-just-at-the-front-of-pants look right now, and these pants with their waistline detail lent themselves well to that trend. So, I pulled out my sweater of the season (in the same maroon color of the pants) from Shift, to achieve that look with this outfit.

My long-ago purchased short booties from Mass Bay Co. worked well with the length of the pants. And I added little pops of gold with my go-to gold hoops from Red Fish Blue Fish, and my Trust bar necklace (with the word ‘local’ engraved in it) from the LoveLocal Collective in Hyannis.

All of the elements of Dressing Local outfit #1

I’m curious – how you would have styled these pants?


Amanda Converse is the Editor & Publisher of The Current Quarterly, and is passionate about fashion and shopping local. She can be reached at amanda@lovelocalmedia.com.

Ace Hole-in-One Style at Twin Brooks Golf Course

by Halle Davis

Despite having gorgeous beaches around almost every corner, Cape Cod has more to offer than sunny beach days. For the days when you’ve had your fill of the beach, try some of the Cape’s other attractions. Last weekend, we found ourselves at Twin Brooks Golf Course. While we are not expert golfers, we had no problems immersing ourselves in golf fashion and style.

Twin Brooks Golf Course is a newly renovated 18-hole course nestled right into downtown Hyannis. There’s a little something for everyone and every ability – tournaments, leagues, memberships, golf school, or just daily play. Their expertly constructed fairways and greens ensure that you can even play year round!


Bring your family and friends and try it out…even if you don’t have the skills (yet), at least you can look cute doing it!

To channel PGA tour vibes (even if you don’t have the skills), try these looks from local shops:


Look 1: Equipment Reese Blouse, Salt, Wellfleet, $268, Ella Moss Candice Shorts, Salt, Wellfleet, $138, Frye Melanie Sneaker, Puritan Cape Cod, Chatham, $148

Look 2: Equipment Kiera Blouse with Contrast Lapels, Salt, Wellfleet, $115, Woolrich Wood Dove II Skirt, Beth Bishop. Orleans, $55, Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish 2-Eye Cotton Mesh Shoe, Puritan Cape Cod, Chatham, $90

Look 3: Equipment Jody Dress, Salt, Wellfleet, $278, Frye Melanie Sneaker, Puritan Cape Cod, Chatham, $148, Look 4: Equipment Short Sleeve Slim Signature Blouse, Salt, Wellfleet, $218

Joie Barbella Shorts, Salt, Wellfleet, $148.99, Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish 2-Eye Cotton Mesh Shoe, Puritan Cape Cod, Chatham, $90

Clothing Production on Cape Cod? Absolutely!

Fashion magazines, red carpets and fashion focused events all over the world show us the final (and very beautiful) product of the garment making process. And on television shows like Project Runway, we see the design process from sketching to fabric selection to pattern-making to sewing a single garment.

But very rarely do we see the  production process for bringing the clothing to market that you and I purchase from local boutiques.

Ready to wear apparel involves many steps before it is hung on the racks in stores for consumption. Garment factories receive fabric from (mostly) overseas textile manufacturers in large bolts, and then the fabric is relaxed to allow fabrics to shrink so that further shrinkage during customer use is minimized. The fabric is then spread; and patterns are laid on top of the spread and the fabric is cut to the shape of the garment forms using either manually operated cutting equipment or a computerized cutting system.

Garments are then sewn in an assembly line or individually. Quality assurance is performed at the end of the sewing line to ensure that the garment has been properly assembled and that no manufacturing defects exist. This labor-intensive process progressively transforms pieces of fabric into designer garments.

Soon it is a process that will occur on Cape Cod! Kathryn Hilderbrand is a local designer, tailor and entrepreneur who in recent years has seen the entire landscape of apparel manufacturing change. So, she has founded the Good Clothing Company, a clothing production facility located in Mashpee. At Good Clothing Company, they’ll be offering small runs for new designers, creating local jobs and practicing ethical, sustainable and green production methods in their facility.

Find out more about their goals and their campaign to raise funds for more sewing machines on their Indiegogo page.kathryn-hilderbrand