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Fall is the new summer for wedding fashion


Sposabella Bridal has a wide selection of detailed and trendy gowns that are sure to help make your special day even more memorable.
Sposabella Bridal has a wide selection of detailed and trendy gowns that are sure to help make your special day even more memorable.


By Emma Childs

Every woman can recall a time where as a little girl, they fantasized about their wedding day with big dreams and their imagination running wild. Maybe it involved your most beloved stuffed animals acting out the service or scrapbooking  with old bridal magazine and lots of hope. Regardless to what extent, we’ve all imagined that special day. And if you ask any of these imaginative little girls what the most important part of that day would be, with dreamy eyes and a smile, they would respond, “The gown!”

If asked the same question to adults, perhaps the answer might change to love or happiness or maybe even the food (everyone has their priorities), but nevertheless, the gown that the bride chooses to make that bold step in is an integral part of any wedding day and one aspect you will never, ever forget. With that being said, a lot of thought goes into this choice and with the arrival of every new season, new trends in bridal gowns emerge and here on Cape Cod, it’s up to the local boutiques and businesses to please the new blushing brides.

Sposabella Bridal & The Cape Cod Tux,  is a local boutique that not only follow these bridal trends for gowns, but have items for the groom, bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride, prom and more. In 2002, Sposabella started out as a tiny 900 sq. foot in 2002 and due to the hard work of Charlene Colon, the owner, it’s now a 3,000 sq. foot room filled with classy, upscale gowns and any other wedding fashion needs.

Sposabella’s spacious show room features several different styles of gowns to choose from.

Colon travels to Bridal Fashion Week in New York and attends the Debi Awards for bridal in Chicago. All these enable for Sposabella to keep their finger on the pulse and keep designs fresh and up to date. “Having fashion knowledge is key in staying current with today’s trends,” Colon says.

Sposabella Bridal has a few tricks up their sleeves…

Now, for this upcoming fall season, Colon has noticed one major stand out. “Some of the trends for fall are sleeves!! They are back in a big way. Short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and even long sleeves can be found on every dress silhouette,” Colon says. Even if a bride has fallen in love with a strapless gown, sleeves can be added on to create that comfortable and classy vibe. No matter tight or flouncy, short or long, sleeves are sure to be seen headed down the aisle this season.

Bohemian style has always been an easygoing and intriguing look that’s been present in fashion and now it’s taking over the bridal scene as well. (For a guaranteed swoon, search ‘bohemian wedding’ on Pinterest and be taken away to an instant romantic dreamland). For any light and flowy gowns with that perfect boho touch, Sposabella has you covered. “Sposabella Bridal has always been ahead of some trends like this one. We have been carrying Bohemian looks for years due to the nature of our beautiful Cape Cod location,” Colon says.

Overall consideration of your bridal look is important to keep in mind, and we suggest heading over to Chatham Beauty & Bridal. For over 25 years, the owner Brenda King has been creating that perfect look for brides all over the Cape.  “Chatham Beauty & Bridal offers not only gowns, veils, accessories, and intimate apparel, but a multitude of supportive apparel services like fittings, alterations, wedding planning, and makeup application,” King remarks.

Chatham Beauty & Bridal offers expert makeup application services as well.
Chatham Beauty & Bridal offers expert makeup application services as well.
Chatham Beauty & Bridal has many gowns to choose from no matter your aesthetic– classy, sexy, or vintage!


As well as innovative and new trends, older details are still a constant in designs. And while the details and silhouette are often the most important part of a gown, sometimes it’s the fabric itself that sells the dress. “Lace has been a hot fabric for the last couple of years and continues to be hot moving forward. Beaded or unbeaded, lace has been a popular bridal fabric since before our grandmothers were married,” Colon remarks. Chatham Beauty & Bridal has many options for classic and stylish dresses, many featuring the perfect touch of lace. Another fabric that can save the day is sheer illusion fabric. This subtle usually appears around the neckline and is paired with beading to resemble jewelry.

Sposabella Bridal has many dresses with illusion fabric to choose from.

For a more edgier and innovative bridal twist, try a glorious gown with some fun cut outs. Cut outs add a perfect amount of sexy detailing to give your dress that extra ounce of va-va-va voom. And if you’re one to play with the color spectrum and the typical bridal white just isn’t for you, try a dress in a tinted hue. Light blue or a rosy-mauve create an ethereal fantasy that will make your special day feel even more majestic.

Even though time has passed and we aren’t those young girls acting out fake ceremonies with our teddy bears, everyone has a vision for how they want their wedding day to be. And by heading to Chatham Beauty & Bridal or Sposabella Bridal & The Cape Cod Tux these idealistic dreams are sure to come true, all while staying on trend and supporting local dedicated businesses.


This strapless dress from Sposabella can be transformed into a trendy gown with sleeves with the wave of a tailor’s magic wand.