Showing your Love for Cape Cod…in Style

by Halle Davis

We’ll admit it – there’s a lot of cheesy Cape Cod merchandise out there. If you want to rep the Cape with your personal style or keep a little piece of this sandbar with you and keep it cool, there are some stylish options out there!

  1. Wellfleet Market Bag from Salt Wellfleet

This charming tote is the result of a partnership between Salt Wellfleet and Apolis, a certified B-Corp lifestyle brand, and their Bangladesh Project which provides fair wage jobs to Bangladeshi women. This tote pays homage to the lower cape town in a simple and modern canvas construction with leather handles. We love its neutral look which adds a subtle hint of local pride to any outfit. Wear this tote to the beach, the farmer’s market or as an overnight bag. This bag is the perfect compliment to a summer outfit. Pair it with a maxi dress and sunhat for a day of shopping for a cool look or try it with jean shorts and a tank for a day at the beach.

  1. Cape Cod Necklace from Jewelry Studio of Wellfleet

image1 (1)

Although we are no strangers to Cape Cod jewelry, this subtle and delicate piece feels like a fresh update. The delicate silhouette of the cape is a lovely alternative to its obvious and garish counterparts. This little tribute to Cape Cod can be found at the Jewelry Studio of Wellfleet where it is handcrafted by local sisters, Jesse and Neile Horowitz. Grab the silver version for a classic look or wear the gold with a summer tan; either one adds sophistication to a look. We love this necklace with a lower neckline to make the necklace pop against the skin. This necklace works for both day and night look; try it both ways!

  1. Assorted Jewelry from Fisherman’s Daughter


Another way to accessorize your love for the Cape without overdoing it is with the jewelry at Fisherman’s Daughter in Chatham. Their playful assortment includes coordinate jewelry on nameplates with a brushed finish and CC pendant necklaces. The coordinates and “CC” designs allow for an understated and elegant tribute to the Cape without being too flashy or over-the-top. The subtlety of the jewelry at Fisherman’s Daughter will add a personal touch to your look without invoking “Look at me, I’ve been to Cape Cod!” vibes. We love the combination of the sterling silver offerings paired with a navy top or dress while the gold will stand out against white.

  1. Cape Love Tee from Artichoke


Rep the Cape with this charming tee from Artichoke that will ooze simplicity. The silhouette of Cape Cod is featured on the left side of the tee yet it’s far from obnoxious. Cape lovers will recognize the shape and applaude you for your local pride while others will insist your tee resembles a Rorschach test as they stand in line for tees that read “CAPE COD, MA” in large text. Artichoke is a local treasure trove of unique silk screened goods and funky jewelry. Started by Liz and Katie Escher as a mobile apparel-vending bus in 2013, Artichoke has quickly evolved into a brick and mortar hotspot of fun fashion for local shoppers.