Shop Talk – Underground Fashion

Tucked away in Falmouth in the Home Port development off of Gifford Street, you can find Underground Fashion one of the most contemporary and impressive fashion boutiques on Cape Cod.

Underground Fashion was created in 2016 when Nicole Palmer and her family relocated to Falmouth from Hong Kong, where she had been working in the fashion industry as a distributor of a major US brand.

That experience, as well as the experience of creating and producing her own accessories line, Nicole Liu Designs, has given her the background, insight, knowledge and fashion sense needed to bring a different kind of boutique to the Cape.

At Underground Fashion, Nicole focuses on bringing in simple, stylish, on-trend, classic and easy-to-wear pieces, while also carrying global brands she finds in Paris and New York not typically seen in this area. Her idea was to create a store on the Cape that made the customer feel as if they were in a “big city boutique” getting a personalized shopping experience.  She says “Our space is small, not subject to a lot of foot traffic and very cozy.” She wants her “customers to come in, make themselves comfortable, and take their time in choosing what’s best for them.  No rushing, no pressure, and relax -coffee and champagne are always readily available!”

It is her passion for fashion and her impeccable customer service that sets Nicole apart. And in addition to her physical location, Nicole shares this ethos through her social media presence and online store with shoppers all over the world.

Our Underground Fashion picks for the season:

BA&SH emerald green Gramy Sweater

The Colina Leather Espadrille







Fores Skirt