Shop Talk: Story Falmouth

When Lisa Sue Smedberg opened her shop, Story, in Falmouth in June she wanted “to provide women on the Cape with access to fresh and contemporary fashion,” and aimed to do it in a relaxing and plush environment….and she definitely delivers. The clothing and styles you find at her shop are incredibly unique and exciting, and the atmosphere is comfortable and inspiring.

CQ: Can you tell us about your connection to Cape Cod?
Lisa Sue Smedberg: I’m from Connecticut but grew up spending summers in Falmouth where my mom and stepfather had a home since the 80s. Over the years I came to spend more and more time in Falmouth and felt a connection to the community that was difficult to separate from. In 2012, after my mom lost her battle with cancer, my husband and I were living in Boston and took over ownership of my mom’s home. We renovated thinking we’d use it and also rent out. Once the renovation was complete, we never wanted to leave. Two years later, we moved here full time and have never once regretted that decision.

CQ: Have you always had an interest in fashion?
LSS: From obsessing over what might be the perfect outfit for a specific event (starting with the first day of fourth grade) to eagerly awaiting my grandmother’s arrival every Christmas Eve to see what she was wearing (usually something very Julie Christie from Dr. Zhivago). I grew up with a mother and grandmother who each had amazing personal style and took great joy in dressing for every day and special occasions.

CQ: Is that why you decided to open up a boutique?
LSS: If only it were that obvious!! For the first five years we lived in Falmouth, I commuted into Boston several days a week for my job in advertising. When that was no longer sustainable, I started to think about what I would miss most about being away from the city and it was the options for shopping. I also talked with countless women living here about what they wanted in a shopping experience. With that information, my love of fashion and the support of my husband, family and friends, I executed on a vision that is now story.

CQ: What is the significance of the name Story?
LSS: The significance is both literal and figurative. Instead of art on the walls, we feature framed pages of favorite passages from books recommended or given to me by friends over the years. I also subscribe to the notion that in sharing our stories with one another, even in brief conversations, we become more empathetic, we start to understand each other a little better. I tried to create a retail destination that fosters those types of connections.

CQ: How is your shop different from others on Cape Cod?
LSS: Two distinct ways. We’re different first in the environment we’ve created. We’ve deliberately veered away from a coastal vibe to create a metropolitan-chic living room experience with mid-century modern accents. Secondly we’ve curated contemporary, elevated, and alluring styles from designers not typically found on the Cape and in some case, the northeast, but rather found in metropolitan fashion destinations from LA to Copenhagen.

CQ: How would you describe the Story customer?
LSS: The woman who loves time spent on the Cape and seeks fresh styles and special pieces that reflect who she is here and in the broader world she interacts with.

CQ: What are the biggest trends you have seen for this fall/winter fashion season?LSS: Leather (albeit real, faux, or vegan). This trend goes beyond jackets or coats. We’re seeing everyday pieces like t-shirts or joggers re-imagined in leather and even worn together for a luxe, polished look. 2. Volume. In the form of a slightly exaggerated shoulder on dresses or blazers, a balloon sleeve on a fitted knit top, or a wider leg pant. This trend from the 80s has reemerged with subtlety and sophistication. 3. Midi and Full Length Dresses and Skirts. Whether you opt for florals or solids, this silhouette continues to dominate the season and we’re thrilled as it’s a great way to show off your new fall booties and easy to dress up or down with a moto style or denim jacket.

You can find Story at 352 Main Street, Falmouth or online on Instagram at @storyfalmouth or at