Shop Talk – KAM Appliances

This might not be something you reflect on a lot, but the large appliance industry is subject to trends, just like the fashion, design, technology and health and wellness industries. But it is something that KAM Appliances does think about every day.

The business, which has been owned by the Gralton family since they opened it in 1977, makes a point to stay in-the-know about current color trends (think: rose gold handles and pulls); the latest in tech (“smart” appliances allow you to control your appliance via an app); the clean eating craze (steam ovens keep more nutrients on your food) so that they are sure to provide the Cape & Islands community with the best products on the market.

Their goal is to enable you to get the best out of your appliances and to build a kitchen that shows your personality. That is why their Hyannis, Hanover and Nantucket showrooms not only feature their appliances but they feature their appliances in mock kitchens that have been designed by local kitchen & bath design professional like Fresh Interiors. This allows customers to envision what their kitchen can look like with one of KAM’s appliances that range from simple to incredibly sophisticated.

Their showrooms are also staffed with incredibly knowledgeable and highly trained professionals who are ready to educate you on how to get the most out of your appliances. They also have live appliances ready for you to test out. Not sure if your comforter will fit in the new washing machine you are considering? You can bring it in and do a test wash. Want to see if the dishwasher performs well on your dirty dishes. Take them to KAM to test it out. They also offer in store cooking demonstrations and classes, so you can learn how to use the new ovens and stoves that have come on the market.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service, KAM aims to educate consumers that shopping local for appliances does not mean that it is more expensive. In fact, because they are a part of a buying cooperative of other small independent businesses, they are able to not only keep their prices competitive but they are also able to get products that big box stores can’t.

But ultimately if there is one thing KAM wants consumers to know about their business, it is that their 60 employees are hardworking people who care deeply about their community. And they’re not going anywhere.

KAM Appliances is located at:
201 Yarmouth Rd, Hyannis
1176 Washington St., Hanover
12 Boynton Lane, Nantucket