Shop Talk: Bringing Awe to Osterville

It will come as no surprise that we love it when new boutiques open on Cape Cod. We always love to see the entrepreneurial spirit in action and discovering the interesting finds and cute things the shopkeepers will bring to us.

One of the newest additions to our impressive roster of local stores is Awe in Osterville, which was opened in early April by Patty Joslyn and Larry Babic who recently relocated to the Cape from Northern California.

Although the shop is new, Patty is not new to Cape Cod – she spent summers visiting her beloved grandparents in West Yarmouth – and they are both are not new to retail: “Awe is our fifth adventure in retail,” Patty said. They owned multiple stores in California, most recently a sock shop, because as Patty likes to say, “socks are harmless.”

In Awe you will find unique jewelry, linens and textiles, art by local artists, greeting cards, handmade furniture from Vermont, hats and menswear, and of course, socks. They also carry a curated collection of women’s clothing mostly from the brand Salaam, which offers stylish, comfortable, and wearable clothing in colorful and interesting printed jersey fabrics.

Everything has a story, and everything aligns with their mission “to reflect a philosophy that integrity, quality, and people all matter. Our wish is to offer fine quality items we all can feel good about; clothing, art, gifts that help create economic well-being for those who create and/or labour each piece. That no child be exploited, nor any working condition be unreasonable, while keeping in mind concerns for our fragile environment.”

They are both excited to bring these carefully selected products to Osterville village, and to be a part of the Cape Cod small business community. “Retail is unpredictable, but there is something about the unknown that keeps me doing it. I like to find treasures and share them,” Patty explained, “We like to feel part of a community and by owning a small, local shop you begin to know people and what makes them smile. Plus, Larry and I both big believers in supporting local economy.”

Awe is located at 879 Main Street, Osterville and online at