Essentials for your Cape Cod Beach Day

by Halle DavisWhat makes a perfect beach day? Is it the weather, the water, or finding a secluded spot to yourself? We tend to think it’s the outfit. Picking out the perfect beach look and packing up all your accessories is a sacred summer beach day ritual. Nail your beach look by shopping local for all your beach needs!

Start with your bathing suit and build your look from there. Because you’ll be in the suit for most of the day, pick something comfortable! For more info on how to find the perfect bathing suit for you, see our latest issue!


70’s Halter Top and Surfer Bottom, available at Chatham Clothing Bar

After selecting a bathing suit, pick out a cover up next. A cover up doesn’t necessarily need to match your suit, but keep in mind that many cover ups are a bit sheer. A cover up is great for transitional times, like a cookout on the beach after a day in the sun or getting a bite to eat after a long day. In that respect, choose a cover up that shows your personal style!

aed-518-1Rickshaw Embroidered Shift Dress, available at Design Works

Go with a neutral blanket or towel that will look good at the beach, at the park or at home! You don’t need to have special beach towels anymore – a simple towel in a fresh design will work well for sunbathing at the beach, laying out a picnic or drying off at home.IMG_6397

Artiga woven blanket, available at Homegrown Trades

A beach bag should be two things: big enough to hold a day’s worth of beach goodies and fun! Go for a bag with a cool print or funny text to add some more cheer to your beach outing. This lovely bag also doubles as a dose of local pride!


Tote bag, available at ARTichoke

Go for a classic look with your sunglasses – the investment will prove worthy if you can wear with anything. Go for shades that you can wear everywhere: at the beach, in the car, or around town. If you spend more, you’ll get better quality but if you stick to a budget you won’t be afraid to beat them up a bit. Whatever you’re looking for you can find them locally!

Blue Planet sunglasses, available at Adorn

Flip flops are the quintessential summer shoe, and assuch should be purchased with that in mind. Try to find a pair that you can wear from the beach to a dinner out. Durability and construction are important. Flimsy and cheap flip flops will cost you more money in the end to keep replacing them. Streamlining your look saves money and leaves more room in your beach bag for cheesy beach reads!

O’Neill Ojai River Sandals in white, available at Chatham Clothing Bar