Dressing Local: Transitioning to Warmer Weather

When we finally emerge from the winter and the days start to get warmer, it most certainly has a positive impact on the psyche, but it can get a little awkward in the wardrobe department. What do you wear when it is chilly in the morning, 73 degrees and sunny mid-day, and then back to chilly in the afternoon and evening? Of course, this is where layering plays a key role in choosing what to wear and having a go-to blazer or a denim jacket is key. And I happen to think short-sleeved and sleeveless jumpsuits are perfect options for the transition from winter weather through the spring into summer.

This jumpsuit that I found at Up Front Clothing + Gifts in Wellfleet turned out to be the perfect springtime addition to my closet. It has a casual and easy, yet still professional style and is incredibly comfortable. The mid-length pant offers the coverage I need for the chilly parts of the day, and the short sleeves offer the relief I need when the temperature rises.


On this day, I paired it with some gold drop earrings also from Up Front, some black gladiator sandals from a local consignment shop, and I carried a denim jacket I found at Wicked Thrift with me if I found I needed an additional layer.