Dressing Local : Transitioning to Cooler Weather

We have written about the change of seasons and the challenges it can bring when getting dressed in the morning before as we went from winter to spring. Now as we transition from summer to fall many of the same principles apply – layering, wearing short sleeves and opting for mid-length pants – but some slight tweaks to these outfit elements will help with the chill in the air, such as choosing heavier fabrics and closed toed shoes.

My go-to transition-to-cold-weather outfit has been this Devinto top that is short-sleeved but the mock turtleneck offers a little more coverage and the brand’s signature bamboo/organic cotton fabric has a little more weight to it to provide a little bit more warmth. I paired it with jeans from One21. Not only does the denim add heat to the outfit, but the slightly cropped track pant style adds a bit of interest and distinctiveness.

On this particular day I wore my tried-and-true Frye black skimmers from Puritan Cape Cod and white and gold ceramic earrings from LoveLiveLocal to add a little brightness to the outfit.