Dressing Local #6

Even though the weather on Cape Cod isn’t cooperating with my desire to transition my wardrobe to spring-mode, I’m still taking liberties and dressing like it’s 60 plus degrees every day.

This means taking out my cropped jeans, wearing shoes without socks and unpacking my short-sleeved shirts that were put away for the winter.

I love a good pair of dark skinny denim, but I also like a pair of jeans with a little bit of personality and interest. Accordingly, the central focus of this outfit is the Blank NYC light colored cropped jeans with some fraying and contrasting darker color details from Green Eyed Daisy.


I paired the outfit with an oversized navy marled top with a knotted v-neck from Weekend to highlight the darker blue color in the jeans, along with a pair of light gray Converse Chuck Taylors I scored at Changing Tides Consignment to create a more sporty vibe and my favorite stacking rings made on Cape Cod by Molly Avellar.

I look forward to wearing these jeans throughout the spring season and into the summer with tank tops and flip flops, and the Chuck Taylors in the warmer weather with my summer dresses and shorts.