Dressing Local 4

Sometimes the most basic of outfits like this one can be the most appealing. First, there isn’t a lot of time and thought that must go into putting it together. Second, pulling off “simple” is a great feat in the fashion world. Third, a basic outfit paired with killer accessories wins every time.

So, what is this basic outfit, you ask? A pair of Tory Burch Trouser Jeans I scored at Changing Tides Consignment. I love a good trouser jean because they are dressed up and professional while also being, well, jeans. On top is a black ballet top that is fitted in order to balance out the wide leg of the pant. This basic top from If the Shoe Fits has served me well as a base layer to wear under sweaters and dresses but also as a basic top that pairs well with most pants and skirts.

This basic outfit isn’t so basic when it’s paired with great shoes, great jewelry and a beautiful scarf. In this case, I chose gray flats with a pointy toe (to elongate and balance the wide pant) black bow detail also from If the Shoe Fits and slate gray drop earrings from Up Front Wellfleet because they complimented the paisley silk scarf (this one was a gift from London, but I have seen many like it at Directions in Hyannis) I wore to add some more interest to the outfit.