Dressing Local #2

Dressing Local outfit #2

For the most part, I love living in an area with four seasons. Not just because spring, summer, fall and winter offer something different on Cape Cod in terms of things to do, but it also allows for different fashion choices throughout the year. Interestingly though, I do well with spring, summer and fall, but in the winter, I always feel inappropriately dressed, because I am always cold. Because of this I made a vow to myself when the temperature dropped that I would add some warm (and cute!) sweaters to my closet this year.

In my last Dressing Local blog the focal point of the outfit was the pants, the center of this outfit is the warm, cozy and stylish Wooden Ships sweater from Weekend. There are so many reasons to love this sweater: the color adds brightness to these gray winter days, the sleeve detail is right on trend, and the neckline allows it to be styled in multiple ways (on this particular day, I chose off-the-shoulder).

The sweater looks great with book cut denim, a long floral skirt, or with skinny black jeans like this Parker Smith pair from Puritan Cape Cod. It is my expert opinion that everyone needs a pair of black pants in their closet that they can wear to almost any occasion. These are quite possibly the best things that ever happened to me.

The accessorizing possibilities for this outfit seem endless. Shoe options range from black riding boots, to black booties, to black pumps. And although I would say bracelets are not necessary with this sweater due to the sleeves, earrings and necklaces can be anything from gold or silver to sparkles or pearls. In my case, I chose a pair of earrings that I fell in love with at first sight from Artichoke. They are not only super cute but they can be worn two ways – as druzy studs or as jeweled drops.

This outfit is great for lunch with the girls, a Valentine’s Day date or in my case, an art opening.

All of the pieces to Dressing Local outfit #2

Amanda Converse is the Editor & Publisher of The Current Quarterly, and is passionate about fashion and shopping local. She can be reached at amanda@lovelocalmedia.com.