Day of Shopping in Hyannis

By Emma Childs

Hyannis is a unique village that is filled to the brim with glorious local options and on this crisp winter day, my mother and I took advantage of all it as to offer. We strolled Hyannis Main Street to enjoy the scenery, shop, and indulge in some delicious local eats.


I wore my killer Amour Vert sweatshirt from Shift Eco Boutique. Not only is it super comfortable, it is cozy and perfect for this season.

IMG_6796 IMG_6794

I also wore my killer new Sam Edelman boots from Puritan Cape Cod. These bad-boys are durable and the zipper accent makes them chic and on trend.


Look at that gorgeous color!


For lunch we went to the The Green Lotus Cafe. This vegetarian restaurant has so many intriguing options that it was tough to choose, but we decided upon the carrot coconut soup and the winter kale salad to split. Not only were are plates empty, when we were done, we were filled and fueled to carry on with our day.




We made sure to check out on of our all time favorite local spots, Red Fish Blue Fish. This wacky and lovable shop has everything from silly bottle openers to handcrafted jewelry. Red Fish Blue Fish has everything you could ever need, whether a good laugh or a meaningful birthday gift for a beloved friend.


We made our way down to Shift Eco Boutique and was able to admire these shimmering Artecnica Paper Stars. Not only are these perfect as decorations in any room, they are crafted out of recycled paper.

IMG_7013We ended our day with full bellies, exercised legs, and a view of  a beautiful Hyannis sunset. Cape Cod has so many unique local spots and I urge you to take one special day to appreciate all the gifts Hyannis has to offer.