CQ Beauty Bar – there’s a first time for everything!

When I was 16 years-old I went tanning in a tanning bed in order to “get some color” before my Junior Prom. I think I went three times total, and nothing happened to change the color of my skin. Between the lack of any results and my increased awareness about the rising rates of skin cancer in young women, I never went back.

I’ve also never been one to lay out on the beach in order to get tan, in fact I usually only go to the beach during the off-season or in the evenings in-season to go for walks. But I will admit, as much as I try to be careful with my sun exposure, I do love having nice glowing skin.

Why I have never tried spray tanning before now, I do not have an answer. But after an incredibly positive experience at Luminaria Aesthetics with owner Christine Lydon, I am a total convert.

Christine has been in the industry for over a decade and says that spray tanning has come a long way in the past five years. She says “people just feel good when they’re tan. It makes you look and feel healthier and hides all sorts of imperfections.”

Using Aviva organic water-based products, she customizes every session for the client. The skin is colored by DHA, a colorless chemical derived from glycerin that interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells to produce a brown color change. Each client is different and will be sprayed with a customized formula; “if you know and pay attention to your client’s skin you’ll always get it right.”

When applying the spray tan, Christine made me feel comfortable, talked me through every step, and made me forget about the very cold mist that was being projected at me.

She says she knows people’s instincts is to ask her to “make me dark!” But her goal is to make you look natural, and so she gave me a light summer glow that she said would work perfectly with my slightly olive skin. And I think she was right.


The goal is to make your tan last as long as possible, so here are some Do & Don’ts for before and after your spray tanning appointment:

DO gently exfoliate your skin and shave, and remove your makeup before your appointment;

DON’T put on any body lotion or perfume on the day of the appointment – the ingredients can alter the development of the color on your skin;

DO wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment;

DON’T shower or exercise (or stand in the pouring rain!) for 8 hours after your appointment, the water and sweat could alter your color;

DO moisturize a TON after your first shower;

DO plan a night out or on attending a special occasion to flaunt your healthy glow!

You can visit Christine at Luminaria Aesthetics at her Marstons Mills studio for a complimentary skin consult, customized facial, laser hair removal, and of course, a spray tan.