CQ Beauty Bar – shedding that winter skin

As much as I try to take care of my skin in the winter, it’s inevitable that the cold air and harsh winds will make it feel and look dry and dull. And when my skin feels and looks dry and dull, sometimes I feel dry and dull.

So, I turned to Sheryl Baba of SBabskincare for advice on what to do to get my skin’s groove back. She told me that towards the end of winter she always has women coming to her “complaining their skin had no glow.” She says the best way to shed the winter skin is a dermaplane facial which is a gentle, physical exfoliation using a specialized tool to scrape off the dead skin.

“This reveals a new glowing skin that holds better hydration, reflects the light and leaves your skin smoother, tighter and brighter! Serums and moisturizers sink in better and fine facial peach-fuzz is removed as well,” Sheryl explained, and she said, “ it is the ideal prep for an enzyme, hydrating mask or even a photo rejuvenation session. I use a LED/IPL light therapy that is customized for individual skin concerns such as stimulating collagen; sun damage; acne; rosacea and redness.”

I have to say, she was right. Since the dermaplane facial, my skin has felt smooth and supple, there’s no more dull, dry skin, and I feel like I both my skin and I got our groove back.

SBabaSkincare is located at 710 Main Street, Yarmouth Port, and you can get in touch with Sheryl at Sheryl@SBabaSkincare.com or 508-776-2942