Changes Ahead! Introducing the Love Local Gift Guide

Over the past seven years The Current Quarterly has published 29 issues, produced 10 fashion shows, organized 7 special events and collaborated with a number of local businesses and nonprofits as a way to highlight the Cape’s unique and ever evolving fashion and shopping scene.

I started the magazine in 2012 not only as a way to show people Cape Cod’s local fashion scene but also where to shop local for most, if not all, of your wants and needs; I felt the message that shopping local is better for our community as a whole needed to be shared in a fun and fashionable way.

About six months after launching The Current Quarterly, I co-founded LoveLiveLocal with Jen Villa and Kate Sheehan, a lifestyle brand that centers around community advocacy and also educating people about the importance of shopping local. Clearly it has been my mission to advocate for small businesses and garner as much support for them as possible!

At this point we feel it makes sense to merge our missions – LoveLiveLocal and The Current Quarterly – and bring them together to form a stronger local brand with a bigger impact. So, I am very excited to say that the CQ will now be a part of LoveLiveLocal!

And this winter The Current Quarterly’s holiday gift guide that we have published for the past seven seasons will now be known as the Love Local Gift Guide, and will continue to be the most comprehensive gift giving guide that highlights local shops, their unique offerings, as well as local products. This magazine will also feature fashions from local boutiques just as the CQ has done for so long.

We will also be infusing some of the type of content you are used to seeing in the CQ into LoveLiveLocal’s annual Field Guide (released in the spring) with features on local shops, shopping and locally made products.

The Current Quarterly as you know it is changing, as we will no longer publish issues year round, but I believe the mission and message that has driven me for so long will be stronger by joining together the two brands that I helped create and grow, and that I can only hope have had and will continue to have a positive impact on the Cape Cod community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at and if you are interested in advertising in the Love Local Gift Guide and/or the Love Local Field Guide you can get in touch with our Sales Manager, Ian Lee at