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Day of Shopping in Hyannis

By Emma Childs

Hyannis is a unique village that is filled to the brim with glorious local options and on this crisp winter day, my mother and I took advantage of all it as to offer. We strolled Hyannis Main Street to enjoy the scenery, shop, and indulge in some delicious local eats.


I wore my killer Amour Vert sweatshirt from Shift Eco Boutique. Not only is it super comfortable, it is cozy and perfect for this season.

IMG_6796 IMG_6794

I also wore my killer new Sam Edelman boots from Puritan Cape Cod. These bad-boys are durable and the zipper accent makes them chic and on trend.


Look at that gorgeous color!


For lunch we went to the The Green Lotus Cafe. This vegetarian restaurant has so many intriguing options that it was tough to choose, but we decided upon the carrot coconut soup and the winter kale salad to split. Not only were are plates empty, when we were done, we were filled and fueled to carry on with our day.




We made sure to check out on of our all time favorite local spots, Red Fish Blue Fish. This wacky and lovable shop has everything from silly bottle openers to handcrafted jewelry. Red Fish Blue Fish has everything you could ever need, whether a good laugh or a meaningful birthday gift for a beloved friend.


We made our way down to Shift Eco Boutique and was able to admire these shimmering Artecnica Paper Stars. Not only are these perfect as decorations in any room, they are crafted out of recycled paper.

IMG_7013We ended our day with full bellies, exercised legs, and a view of  a beautiful Hyannis sunset. Cape Cod has so many unique local spots and I urge you to take one special day to appreciate all the gifts Hyannis has to offer.

Clothing Production on Cape Cod? Absolutely!

Fashion magazines, red carpets and fashion focused events all over the world show us the final (and very beautiful) product of the garment making process. And on television shows like Project Runway, we see the design process from sketching to fabric selection to pattern-making to sewing a single garment.

But very rarely do we see the  production process for bringing the clothing to market that you and I purchase from local boutiques.

Ready to wear apparel involves many steps before it is hung on the racks in stores for consumption. Garment factories receive fabric from (mostly) overseas textile manufacturers in large bolts, and then the fabric is relaxed to allow fabrics to shrink so that further shrinkage during customer use is minimized. The fabric is then spread; and patterns are laid on top of the spread and the fabric is cut to the shape of the garment forms using either manually operated cutting equipment or a computerized cutting system.

Garments are then sewn in an assembly line or individually. Quality assurance is performed at the end of the sewing line to ensure that the garment has been properly assembled and that no manufacturing defects exist. This labor-intensive process progressively transforms pieces of fabric into designer garments.

Soon it is a process that will occur on Cape Cod! Kathryn Hilderbrand is a local designer, tailor and entrepreneur who in recent years has seen the entire landscape of apparel manufacturing change. So, she has founded the Good Clothing Company, a clothing production facility located in Mashpee. At Good Clothing Company, they’ll be offering small runs for new designers, creating local jobs and practicing ethical, sustainable and green production methods in their facility.

Find out more about their goals and their campaign to raise funds for more sewing machines on their Indiegogo page.kathryn-hilderbrand

CQ Fall Fashion Hunt

Fall Fashion Hunt Visual

We are so excited to announce our new fall event: The CQ Fall Fashion Hunt!

Anyone can complete this local scavenger hunt (no monetary investment is required), so all can compete!

All you will need is a camera, and the willingness to check out many different places on Cape Cod!

The Hunt will commence October 4 and end November 7. During that time CQ Hunters will be given a list of tasks and trivia questions that they must complete by visiting local businesses at their brick and mortar locations or in some cases, online.

Depending on the task, you will either have to take a picture of an item (or items) or answer a trivia question.

Use of social media is encouraged but not required. Participants are encouraged to share their adventures on facebook, tweet their finds on twitter, and upload pictures to instagram or tumblr, always tagging The Current with the #thecurrentquarterly.

You can compete as an individual or as a team; regardless, you will need to submit your completed checklist by 11:00pm on Friday, November 7 to The Current Quarterly staff.

Winners will be announced at a celebration on Saturday, November 8. There will be one winner for Best Overall Performance and one winner for Best Use of Social Media.

Want to sign up? Comment on this post or email You will receive your Hunt instructions on October 3.

The Little Black Dress

By Emma Childs

The Little Black Dress is one of the pieces that has stood the test of time.  Coco Chanel brought it into the fashion world and with Vogue’s declaration of it as a uniform for all women, it has stayed on trend and always in style. And then with the release of the iconic movie Breakfast at Tiffanys in 1961, Audrey Hepburn sports several simple yet stately dresses that oozed sophistication of the screen and caused women all over to buy some dresses of their own.

A poster of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanys showing off her iconic look.
A poster of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanys showing off her iconic look.

I almost guarantee if you take a peek into anyone woman’s wardrobe, you will find at least one Little Black Dress. Fondly refereed to as the LBD, women all over the globe agree that they’re staples in any wardrobe! It is considered a “must-have” in all closets due to its easy, chic appearance.  My advice when buying one is to keep it simple and versatile, because it then makes it easy to dress it up or dress it down.

Found at Weekend in Orleans! Perfect book for inspiration.


I went out to local shops and found some basic LBD’s; one more dressy and the other more casual.

The dress pictured below was an awesome find at Francis Frances Design Studio in Orleans and would be perfect dress for any nighttime fun. It is a perfect party dress for a little soiree or even a date night. The intricate panel down the front gave the dress more texture and jazzed it up. One could accessorize with a chunky necklace, a stack or bracelets, or leave it just the way it is and let it stand on its own!





This casual day dress was spotted at Mosees in Barnstable. The lightweight fabric makes this dress perfect for any daytime activities. The knot detail at the bust adds to the dress and makes it look oh-so easy going.  Really any footwear would go with this dress; heels to look feminine; boots to pull it into the upcoming seasons; or flats to class it up. This dress is a great example of navigating the balance between simple but still exciting. It is basic but not boring due to the little exciting elements added.

IMG_5906 IMG_5907 IMG_5910


These two dresses are different but have one common thread; they are both sophisticated. It is the magic of the LBD! So I encourage you to look around at local boutiques to find some staples of your own for your wardrobe.

Back to School Staples

By Emma Childs

Fall is just around the corner and that means changing leaves, apple cider, and…the return of school. For some this is an exciting time and they can enjoy getting back into a routine but for others, it is one giant meltdown. But one way to avoid as much damage to ones mental state as possible, is to be prepared. With these essentials it will help ease the transition from summer to school! Here is a list of some school staples all found at local Cape Cod shops.

Statement necklaces– After the initial weekly rotation of clothes planned out to every detail, I usually run out of ideas and have to scramble the night before or the morning of to pull  an outfit together. With a statement necklace it makes it super easy to add something to any outfit and make it look chic with the addition of one simple accessory! A simple dress, a graphic tee shirt, a big chunky sweater… while wearing a statement necklace you will look sophisticated and like you planned out what your wearing-even if you had to throw it on as you run out of the door after slamming snooze 5 times.

These necklaces are from Green Eyed Daisy in Falmouth

This necklace is from Cape Chic in Falmouth.
Sturdy bags– These are key to be able to lug all your books around school and of course, still look fashionable. And it is also helpful to have smaller zip-up bags to store inside that can hold anything you want- pencils, beauty supplies, candy, etc.
bag baggg

The bags are all from Vagabond in Falmouth.
The bags are all from Vagabond in Falmouth.
Sweaters-High School buildings are known for having random and temperamental heating and cooling systems, so layering is key! Light cardigans are great pieces because they can help transition summer pieces into easy fall wear! Have a favorite summer sun dress? Throw a soft cardigan over it to make it instantly seasonally appropriate!


These sweaters are straight from Liberty House.
These sweaters are straight from Liberty House.
These sweaters are from Green Eyed Daisy in Falmouth.
These sweaters are from Green Eyed Daisy in Falmouth.
Leggings– When I think of Autumn, one of the first items that comes to mind is leggings. These beauties are an awesome go-to outfit staple that can make you look cute yet still casual. But remember, leggings are not the same as pants so layering is key.
These leggings are from Liberty House in Falmouth.
These leggings are from Liberty House in Falmouth.


Wearable light jacket– Fall mornings are especially crisp so why not look cute and still be warm?



These wonderful jackets are from Green Eyed Daisy in Falmouth.
This lovely jacket is from Cape Chic in Falmouth.
This lovely jacket is from Cape Chic in Falmouth.
Denim– Denim jeans are the foundation of any wardrobe. A good pair of jeans is like a trusted old friend that can’t do you wrong! But buying new denim is always a great confidence boost and is great to do to get ready for going back to school. Find the best style for you and you will feel as if you made a new friend!
All these jeans are from Green Eyed Daisy.
All these jeans are from Green Eyed Daisy.
 Picking up any of these essentials will help put your mind at ease for the start of  yet another school year.


Finding the perfect sundress

The Perfect Sundress

By Emma Childs & Amanda Converse

During the summer, the clothes we put on are usually kept to a bare minimum due to the heat, so the one item that remains constant is the easy, breezy, summer-staple sundress. They always carry the promise of all of the fun that will be had in the summer, and are very versatile, coming in many forms and styles.

They can be flowy or fitted, long or short, have an empire waist or a drop waist, be low cut or have a high neckline – so there is a perfect sundress out there for everyone, and finding it does not have to be a challenge, especially since every local boutique on Cape Cod has many from which to choose.

The key is finding the one that is right for your figure. If you have a tummy, choose an A-line or a shift dress. If you have a small bust, find a style that defines your waist. If you are petite, make sure you find one that is not too long and doesn’t overwhelm your frame. If you are trying to add curves to your otherwise straight frame, try to find a sundress with a belt or one that employs color blocking. If you have a large bust, go for a semi-fitted style, like a wrap dress, so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a sack.

Although there are many different kinds of sundresses, the qualities that they all share are that they are easy-to-wear, comfortable, and most importantly, they can be a quick solution to any fashion dilemma, as they are meant for the beach with your family, a lunch date with a friend, or a night out with your significant other – simply throw on a statement necklace and heels.



Letter from the Editor: Summer 2014

When people ask me about the beginnings of The Current Quarterly, I always tell them that I could not have started a fashion magazine anywhere but here on Cape Cod. Not only is the community incredibly supportive, but it is also open to and accepting of new concepts and ideas. The Cape is a great place to be an entrepreneur.

Because the Cape has fostered my (somewhat surprising) entrepreneurial spirit, I have tried to do the same in these pages. In addition to showcasing items from locally owned shops and locally made products, I have specifically asked local entrepreneurs to model in the feature photo shoots in this issue. Check out this group of creative and ambitious individuals (including our first male model!) who were ready and willing to travel up and down Route 6, and wear gowns that weigh over 10 pounds to show off the summer fashions that can be found here.

And as always, Dress Local!