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Shop Talk – KAM Appliances

This might not be something you reflect on a lot, but the large appliance industry is subject to trends, just like the fashion, design, technology and health and wellness industries. But it is something that KAM Appliances does think about every day.

The business, which has been owned by the Gralton family since they opened it in 1977, makes a point to stay in-the-know about current color trends (think: rose gold handles and pulls); the latest in tech (“smart” appliances allow you to control your appliance via an app); the clean eating craze (steam ovens keep more nutrients on your food) so that they are sure to provide the Cape & Islands community with the best products on the market.

Their goal is to enable you to get the best out of your appliances and to build a kitchen that shows your personality. That is why their Hyannis, Hanover and Nantucket showrooms not only feature their appliances but they feature their appliances in mock kitchens that have been designed by local kitchen & bath design professional like Fresh Interiors. This allows customers to envision what their kitchen can look like with one of KAM’s appliances that range from simple to incredibly sophisticated.

Their showrooms are also staffed with incredibly knowledgeable and highly trained professionals who are ready to educate you on how to get the most out of your appliances. They also have live appliances ready for you to test out. Not sure if your comforter will fit in the new washing machine you are considering? You can bring it in and do a test wash. Want to see if the dishwasher performs well on your dirty dishes. Take them to KAM to test it out. They also offer in store cooking demonstrations and classes, so you can learn how to use the new ovens and stoves that have come on the market.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service, KAM aims to educate consumers that shopping local for appliances does not mean that it is more expensive. In fact, because they are a part of a buying cooperative of other small independent businesses, they are able to not only keep their prices competitive but they are also able to get products that big box stores can’t.

But ultimately if there is one thing KAM wants consumers to know about their business, it is that their 60 employees are hardworking people who care deeply about their community. And they’re not going anywhere.

KAM Appliances is located at:
201 Yarmouth Rd, Hyannis
1176 Washington St., Hanover
12 Boynton Lane, Nantucket

Dressing Local #5 – Vacation Edition

We interrupt this cold, winter, lots-of-layers season to bring you Dressing Local: Vacation Edition.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a dear friend’s destination wedding in the Cayman Islands right around the time I knew I would need a little escape (March is rough!). The 83 and sunny weather did not disappoint, and neither did my locally purchased summer wardrobe!

For this out-to-dinner-island-style dinner outfit, I chose white denim shorts, a flowy top, sandals and earrings to match. In my opinion, these particular white shorts from Puritan Cape Cod offer the same comfortable vibe of a regular pair of denim shorts, but they are just a little bit dressier. The flowy embroidered top from Weekend is one of my go-tos for occasions on a hot day – it is loose and breezy, but also the pop of orange screams warm, sunny weather.

I paired the outfit with a pair of gold flat, sandals from Design Works (yes, the mostly home goods store has a great selection of cute shoes and sundresses!), which have become an instant staple in my closet, and a pair of locally made ceramic earrings from the LoveLocal Collective that complement the gold of the sandal and the white of the shorts.

Now that I have taken my summer clothes out of storage, it’s going to be really hard to put them back in! Coming soon to Cape Cod, I suppose!

Shop Talk – One21

One 21 opened in Mashpee Commons in the summer of 2018 with a fresh new perspective on fashion for Cape Cod (you may remember us mentioning them as the purveyor of some pretty amazing pants in Dressing Local #1) – clothing and leather goods all made in Italy by smaller fashion houses and independent designers.

Sara Toselli, owner of One21

This wasn’t the first business venture on Cape Cod for owner SaraToselli, however. After falling in love with Cape Cod while vacationing here in her childhood years and then attending culinary school, the native of Italy returned to the Cape and opened Osteria la Civetta on Falmouth’s Main Street with her husband Andrea Poggi in 2010.

Sara believes that an interest in fashion is part of the Italian DNA, and says she decided to open up One21 “to provide the Cape with an alternative to mass-produced fashion you find everywhere, with a focus on versatile pieces that can be worn every day, without being boring or plain.”

And you will not seeing anything boring or plain in her boutique this Spring/Summer season, as she says “we are seeing a lot of with super feminine pieces with sequins or embroidery, along with boxier more masculine-cut pieces, which have been popular for a bit now.”

In addition to the specialty pieces the store carries, they also carry a denim collection and a gorgeous line of leather bags by Undici Dieci. All things you will not find in many other stores

Sara is excited to be among the “many amazing independent boutiques on the Cape, most of which are owned and run by women. I think we all have something different to offer which allows us to support each other instead of competing.”

As for her customers, they are women who choose quality over quantity, and inspiring pieces of clothing over anything plain. “I often hear friends complain how they have a closet full of things, but still feel like they have nothing to wear. That is a very common tendency of accumulating things we don’t particularly love or need then feel guilty of getting rid of them. I hand pick our collections so that each piece is interesting without being extravagant, and versatile, so it can be reinvented, based on the occasion.”

One21 is located at 7 Central Square, Mashpee and online at

Dressing Local #2

Dressing Local outfit #2

For the most part, I love living in an area with four seasons. Not just because spring, summer, fall and winter offer something different on Cape Cod in terms of things to do, but it also allows for different fashion choices throughout the year. Interestingly though, I do well with spring, summer and fall, but in the winter, I always feel inappropriately dressed, because I am always cold. Because of this I made a vow to myself when the temperature dropped that I would add some warm (and cute!) sweaters to my closet this year.

In my last Dressing Local blog the focal point of the outfit was the pants, the center of this outfit is the warm, cozy and stylish Wooden Ships sweater from Weekend. There are so many reasons to love this sweater: the color adds brightness to these gray winter days, the sleeve detail is right on trend, and the neckline allows it to be styled in multiple ways (on this particular day, I chose off-the-shoulder).

The sweater looks great with book cut denim, a long floral skirt, or with skinny black jeans like this Parker Smith pair from Puritan Cape Cod. It is my expert opinion that everyone needs a pair of black pants in their closet that they can wear to almost any occasion. These are quite possibly the best things that ever happened to me.

The accessorizing possibilities for this outfit seem endless. Shoe options range from black riding boots, to black booties, to black pumps. And although I would say bracelets are not necessary with this sweater due to the sleeves, earrings and necklaces can be anything from gold or silver to sparkles or pearls. In my case, I chose a pair of earrings that I fell in love with at first sight from Artichoke. They are not only super cute but they can be worn two ways – as druzy studs or as jeweled drops.

This outfit is great for lunch with the girls, a Valentine’s Day date or in my case, an art opening.

All of the pieces to Dressing Local outfit #2

Amanda Converse is the Editor & Publisher of The Current Quarterly, and is passionate about fashion and shopping local. She can be reached at

Shop Talk – Seaporium

Linda Dantonio was inspired to start painting after attending art school and many hours spent watching HGTV. She tried glazes, stencils, any technique that piqued her interest and when she ran out of walls in her own home on which to experiment, her husband encouraged her to start her own business.

Linda Dantonio (left) and her intern Manuela

Linda she spent years perfecting her craft by painting and creating wall after wall in other people’s homes as well as attending educational trainings across the country.

She took a break for a while, but the chalk paint revolution brought her back to her painting life and to her own business – this time in the form of a retail store on Cape Cod, where instead of embellishing walls she creates bespoke pieces of re-purposed furniture.

One of the keys of retail success is to offer a diverse selection of inventory, so Linda says her store – Seaporium on Main Street in Hyannis – carries an eclectic blend of products for the home and she takes pride in supporting “artists who love what they create and are looking for a chance to do it more.”

Another way to stand out in the retail crowd is to offer a unique product that customers can’t find just anywhere. For Seaporium, Linda chose Iron Orchid Designs, which is a brand of products that help people transform their homes with their décor stamps and décor moulds, which can be used on walls, furniture, home décor and if your art takes shape in the oven, the products are food safe and can be used to make food art.

Also, if a retail store can offer services in addition to their product lines, it creates a more dynamic experience for the customer.

Whether you want to refinish a piece of furniture or create a piece of home decor, Linda takes pride in helping you on your journey

To that end Linda has created a series of  classes like Chalk Paint 101, Crafting Classes and Paint Party for the person just getting into shabby chic farmhouse décor looking for someone to guide them to their own creative force. And with her more than 20 years of experience in painting and crafting, and endless amount of passion, Linda is just the person to do it.

Seaporium is open year round and located at 645 Main Street, Hyannis.