Amanda takes Manhattan: our Editor explores NYC

While visiting New York last weekend for a conference, I was able to steal away for some exploring.

Walking up and down Fifth and Madison Avenues was somewhat dreamy for this small town fashion editor. Walking by the beautiful windows marked Fendi,  Versace, Burberry and Dior was like being in an art gallery or viewing a favorite painter’s exhibit in a museum. I was inspired and amazed and I could feel my eyes lighting up at every new window display.

Fendi Window NYC

Having said all of this. I know Cape Cod has an (unwarranted) reputation for not having great style. We have a casual culture. But you know what? So does NYC. I observed people on the street, and they could all be hanging out here just as much as we could be strutting our stuff there. And I did –strut my stuff (apparently) because, not only did I get asked for directions but I even got complimented by New Yorkers on the clothing I was wearing on more than one occasion all of which were purchased from Cape Cod stores.

She could be walking down the streets of Cape Cod in that outfit!

And you know what 5th and Madison Avenues did not have that Cape Cod does? Small, local boutiques where you find unique items of clothing that you could actually wear and afford.